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For those of you who don't know this is Britney Karbowski. When I started watching anime I didn't pay to much attention to the voice actors. But after some time I began to realize I was able to pick out those re-occurring voices I heard in different anime. the one that stuck out the most though was Britney Karbowski, she had an amazing voice. And so I had to find OK it who this person was that was playing the characters I loved so much. And so after I found out who she was I did some research to find out what conventions she would be at. And then came to the heart breaking realization that I had actually had the opportunity to meet her a few years back when I had been drug to ikkicon by my last boyfriend. at that time I was not an anime fan. I only hope I get another chance to meet her in the future.
who is your favorite voice actor? tell us what makes them your favorite.
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she so nice
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I know! 馃槉
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She plays Black鈽唖tar?!?!?!?
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I weird to know all people she did voices for
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