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For those of you who don't know this is Britney Karbowski. When I started watching anime I didn't pay to much attention to the voice actors. But after some time I began to realize I was able to pick out those re-occurring voices I heard in different anime. the one that stuck out the most though was Britney Karbowski, she had an amazing voice. And so I had to find OK it who this person was that was playing the characters I loved so much. And so after I found out who she was I did some research to find out what conventions she would be at. And then came to the heart breaking realization that I had actually had the opportunity to meet her a few years back when I had been drug to ikkicon by my last boyfriend. at that time I was not an anime fan. I only hope I get another chance to meet her in the future.
who is your favorite voice actor? tell us what makes them your favorite.
I met Lucy's voice actor too @JustinCuellar
I met the voice actors for gray and Lucy the voice actor of trunks the line for vegeta was to long I got to meet the voice actor for miska attack on titan and mike micfarland the voice of the prevs. but Colleen was not at her table at the time so I didn't get to see her.
yeah. it was really cool. his normal voice is the same as his characters voice. and he's really funny, he's kinda got a dirty sense of humor. I wish I could post the videos I took of some of his panels, but unfortunately I can only post YouTube videos and certain other website videos here.
I don't know the voice actors names but the lady that does Fuko (Clannad) or the girl that does the voice for Mako (Kill la Kill) Oh and also Sunohara, Ganta, or Tamaki they all are goofy memorable characters so I really like them
I weird to know all people she did voices for
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