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12-Year-Old Invites Bullies To Stop Picking On Her Sister.

Twitter user daisybhelm was babysitting a middle school girl and her elementary school aged sister when she tweeted the following handmade invitation.

Allegedly, the younger girl is being bullied at school by a few different kids. So what does an older sister do? Write those bullies a savage af invitation to knock it off.

You guys have to see this.

YOU'RE INVITED! On pink paper. Complete with a heart. How could anyone turn this pretty of an invitation down?

Hey there! You, Elke, Grace, and Ashley, are officially invited to stop being jerks to my sister!

When: Right now!!
Where: Everywhere!
What to bring: Bring your nasty attitude and throw it right in the trash can!
Why: You guessed it folks, you're being jerks!
RSVP:* Ava at (859)-BYE-JERKS or ava@kindlyfreakingstop.gmail.com

*If you can't make it, don't worry. You are welcome to come to my angry and emotional 7th grader wrath instead!

Hope** you can make it! ~ Ava <3

** (You better)

She then signs off with the word STOP in 20 different languages.

Because English isn't enough for them.

So what do you guys think?

Will this make the bullies stop once and for all? Will they challenge her 7th grader wrath?

I like this kid. This kid is going places. Good job, Ava.
"Because english isn't enough for you" xD I almost had a heart attack xD That is literally one of the greatest things!!
Good sister lol. Very creative
YES!!! I loved her email address: Ava@kindlyfreakingstop. Ava rocks! 💜
this young lady is going places.... someone, anyone give her the whole cookie jar.....and a pony
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