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These Kids Covering Fire Are TOO CUTE GAHHH

In case you weren't feeling like a potato yet today, here are a few kids with better dance skills than most of us.

These seven young dancers decided to cover Fire and they nailed it.

Shout out to the cutie who was Suga!

Who else feels significantly less talented now lol?!

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Sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!! If only I jad that talent. Oh well, we all have our own talent that tv has been or will be discovered and used (hopefully for good.)
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I wanna meet those kids lol馃構馃構馃構
a year agoReply
now I do
a year agoReply
what just happened to me
a year agoReply
OMG i cant! They were ALL so cute like ugh! Now i feel more like a potato -wraps self in a blanket and ice cream-
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