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★TOP Community★ ☆Mod Announcement☆
Hi !!!! all the VIPssssss and TOP Tabi Fansss Starting from July 1st... I will be your Moderator for ♡TOP Community♡
Let me make a "short" introduce of myself As your new Mod, you can called me ↝JTOP or JT↜Done!!!
I am sure you all know "How much I LOVE TOP"....My screen name already explained very well!!!!! I am sure many of you lovely gorgeous ladies & Gentleman also do too!!!
I want to start everything "Fresh and Clean" Oops!!! I accidentally put my private collection out!!!....But since I already did it... no reasons to hide... (*clear throat*) Yes!!! I enjoy Booty and ABS!!! so you will see many lovely stuffs that I want to share with the community.
As one of my P... Precious Supporter @KwonOfAKind said... if you put the booty card out... people's will come. Which I agreed 1000%.
Please enjoy the new quarter with Me and my supporting team↧↧↧↧I am still looking for more!! ▶▷ToToTOP Team◁◀ @KwonOfAKind @BBxGD @TwistedPuppy
Hope we can all have a wonderful time together!!!
OR ELSE!!!!!!! (of course this is just for back up!!!!) Love you all♡♡♡♡ Please let me know if you want to be Tag!!! as I am creating master tag list for TOP community!!!(I am very lazy about tag, but as a "responsible" Mod.. I will try to do my job) Below is link to be add to our master Tag list
See you soon!!!!!
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@KwonOfAKind HOORAY!!! *showers you with cookies*
a year ago·Reply
tag me please
a year ago·Reply
Tag me please
a year ago·Reply
Tag me!!! I need my daily dose of T.o.p!
a year ago·Reply
@lovetop lol its okay I can do it I'm sure
a year ago·Reply