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I just came across this video, and wanted to share it with you guys to see what you think!!! I think we've all had an experience where there's SO MUCH ADVERTISEMENT about an anime that well....it just can't live up!

Do you think hype can ruin a show?

Watch the video to see what I'm talking about, and let's talk in the comments!!

My opinion?

Hype is good if it comes from fans! It means that the community has a lot going on, and when I see people on Vingle getting hype about something, it makes me want to check it out, too. It can be bad if it's just a marketing ploy! When it comes from the fans, there's a reason for it. When it's created by the industry, it doesn't always mean anything!
@OtakuDemon10 woah...someone remembered XD Well, yeah. Hype in-and-of-itself is a very useful tool which in its regard should always be seen from a neutral standpoint. This hype we're all familiar which steems from popularity, and the overall ratings due and from the popularity itself. From a neutral standpoint, in all points, such as from fans and from the production, we can distinguish more easily popular anime, with greater results and if it stems from a production, they've basically declared that their anime/movie/whatevs will be good, and they just have to live up to that and prove that to us or their rep will be damaged. Some studios take great pride and honour in the work, such as Madhouse, where they allow the fans to hype up and then let the anime challenge the hype, whereas A-1 Pictures are often hit-or-miss, due to themselves hyping up shows like "The Asterisk War" which SUCKED BALLS, but they have also created "Your Lie in April". I suggest everyone to take their time and research before they watch any show at all, and avoiding spoilers. Your time is finite, but the enjoyment is infinite. Select which ones that contain good shows and good ratings from your own taste. And sometimes, you *need* to watch bad anime, so you can recognise and appreciate the better ones more :)
I agree! I get annoyed with the movie industry, for instance when things get overhyped *cough - Star Wars VII - cough* so I'm sick of it before it even comes out, but I don't tend to feel that way with anime because, like the video said, the hype is kind of retroactive and comes from fans who have actually seen it, so it's actually genuine and has integrity. The worst thing that happens with this kind of hype is that some anime become labeled "overrated," which as @VoidX discussed in a card way back when, isn't really that bad; it just means that a lot of people love it enough to rave about it that much in the first place!
@VoidX I will keep that in mind!! I plan to message everyone by the end of the weekend :P
@hikaymm :) Oh, btw...forgot to congratz you on the Mod position :) I'm always available for support if you need one :)
@VoidX well put as always!!! I've tried to be more selective about shows lately and really benefitted from that I think :)
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