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All over Brazil.....this run is taking over.....its.... THE NARUTO RUN!
(some people got together to have Naruto runs XD)
I've already seen a lot of hate about these Run events on the internet, but I don't even care. Yes, you might think it's a bit cringe-worthy, but isn't it also a bit awesome that so many fans of ONE thing have come together just to create this moment? This isn't one kid running down the hallway like Naruto (that would be....something else).

This is a bunch of people who love the show getting together to do this because it's funny!!!

Run my children, run!

I would totally do this. Imagine how fun it would be to just sprint like Naruto with a bunch of random other people who are random fans who wanna Naruto run XD If i ever got the opportunity, i would totally do it.
I'm down to do this it would be so much fun I wanna join but Brazil is so far let's try doing this in the USA who's down guys??
it is technically proven that by running like Naruto you run faster. lol
I just did it again and yes it's true it makes you run more faster
I did it right now and it's true you can run really fast and the best part of it all is that its good for your anime otaku heart I did the run I'm the living room and it was so FUCKEN fun
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