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Could Peter Griffin Kick Bob Belcher's Ass?

It sounds like a conversation you'd have after a few drinks:

If the characters of Bob's Burgers and Family Guy fought to the death, who would win?

Well, thanks to a recent collaboration between FOX Digital Entertainment and Kongregate, we'll finally know for sure.
Introducing Animation Throwdown: The Quest For Cards - a Hearthstone-style strategy card game that puts your favorite characters from Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, King Of The Hill, Futurama, and American Dad against each other in an epic cartoon showdown.
Essentially, you collect cards of your favorite characters, apply different skills to them, and have them battle to win even more in-game advantages. This animation-inspired game is a little different than, say, Rick & Morty's Pocket Mortys because this time around, you can even play against your friends!

The game will be available for iOS and Android this summer.

Who else is excited to try it out?

But hank hill vs Peter griffin now there a fight I want to see
yes. Bob doesn't fight. or he doesn't get angry right away. Peter would attack first and Bob can't handle his weight
@szewwy It'll be fun seeing Louise kick someone's butt. She's all small and scrappy.
Bob Belcher would totally loose and Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson would win. Peter, because he can fight that giant chicken and Homer would win by dumb luck
Bwahahahaha, Bender for the Win! (He is the greatest after all) 😎
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