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Toyota is famous for its successful implementation of the japanese concept of "kaizen" which means continuous improvement. So instead of donating money to a New York soup kitchen in need, Toyota decided to have their engineers work to increase efficiency. They managed to shorten the average time spent waiting for food from 90 minutes to just 18. This means that more people will be served each night. There's also a great This American Life episode about Toyota's innovations coming to the US. I put the link here: (
true, i think a lot of changes themselves are simple, i think it's taking the initiative to implement change that's difficult
definitely, but if you read the article some of the changes seem pretty common sense
definitely agree, i think a lot of great causes have money thrown at them but isn't used efficiently. change is difficult, so props to toyota for putting in time to redesign the system to make it better.
I think its really cool because its a much more meaningful contribution than just cash
Wow this is great. It's always amazing how innovation in one industry can help in others. Kudos to Toyota!