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I grew up with an older sister that was so close in age to me that we may just as well have been twins.

I wore her hand-me-downs, and she was always allowed to be 'in charge' (read: 'bossy') whenever Mom and Dad left us alone. We had to wear matching, occasion-appropriate clothes on every major holiday. And let's just say we had our fair share of arguments.
However, my situation is in no way unique. The phenomenon of sibling rivalry is something that exists between every brother and sister - even out there in the wild.

Do you know these sibling struggles? Well, so do these animals.*

*Okay, so not really. It's not like they're chilling out in Kenya and fighting over the remote control. This is all just editorial license allowing use of cute little lion cubs pictures. (I freaking love lion cubs, you guys.)

When you've got to block your sister from going into the kitchen and stealing your food again.

When your mom's lecturing your brother instead of you, so you just get to sit back and watch.

When you finally get home from a 2-hour road trip, and you've only got one bathroom.

When your mom, dad, uncle, cousin, teacher, soccer coach, or kid next door calls you by your sister's name.

When you were in your brother's room, and you hear him come home and slam the front door.

When you accidentally punched your sister in the face, and you don't want her to go crying to Mom.

When your brother is purposely getting on your nerves from across the dinner table.

When you're getting in trouble in front of your sister after she tattled to Mom and Dad.

When you broke your iPhone charger, but you know there's a working one in your brother's bedroom.


When you hit your brother, but your parents only see the part when he hits you back.

So do these sound like you and your siblings?

Let me know in the comments below!
I have 5 siblings. This is so true!!!
my borther and i are homies for life and my big sister was my enemy she always tried to kill me anf almost did i protected my lil bro bb P.s. our lil sister always told on us for not obeying her NOW I RULE
The struggle is soo real!
My little brother and I are legit cats and dogs. We're always at each other's throats! We have a 10 year gap difference.
These are so true. My brother would be at each other's throats most days. We're almost six years apart, but we still go at.
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