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So here's, hopefully, the remainder of the lock and homescreens I found and wanted to share with everyone. 💖😊
I love these so simple but there's just something about them.
I love these a lot! I love the pastels
I LOVE these OTP lock and homescreen sets so much!! 💖💖 If I didn't love my current homescreen as much as I do I would so change it to one of these!
Cr: to all the owners/creators of these amazing worlds of art
Okay so announcement time!! I am still searching for 3 more supporters for our iKon Community to work alongside me, @Sammie99522, @twistedPuppy and @IsoldaPazo. :) There are still a few iKon members who are still up for grabs: Bobby Hanbin June Chanwoo Jinhwan So if you're interested do not hesitate to message me! ^^
I claim dibs on June! 😂😂😂 and the otp for junhwan is actually my lock and home screen
@Sammie99522 I love that one so much!!