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So I was hoping this would've been finished with just 2 cards...but I guess I saved too many 😂😂😩😩 So I do apologize for it being kinda long...
Again I love simplicity of these but they're just so amazing in ways I can't explain!
These are the ones I'm considering. I thought it would be kinda fun and make it even more special if I had you guys choose one for me for my new lockscreen. Or maybe help me choose.💖 Cr to the amazing creators/owners once again. Thank you for these.
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@xoxorittie I see them all the time on tumblr
@Sammie99522 oh man I haven't been on tumblr in forever lol
@xoxorittie I'm on there a lot 😂😂
@Sammie99522 😂 I get on from time to time and when I do I'm on there for ages getting caught up
@AaliyahNewbell I love these!!