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This maknae can't be contained!
Yugyeom , the I can't believe you are the maknae of Got7 is uncontrollable! some one must stop the madness and who else better than daddy JB ?
lately Yugyeom has been more and more uncontrollable! he's driving me and a couple of thousands of fans crazy!
@_@ even though I wowed a little I could not help but laugh because JB was quick to gather the maknae back to holy safety...

can we say we saw this coming?

I always feel bad looking at him, it's like I blush and also I just want to rip my eyes out.. freaking maknae!
obviously he can't be stoped because he doesn't want to stop.. and do we want him to?






Evil Maknae making noonas feel bad..feel good... feel all kinds of things! you can't even tell with the angel face 銋犮厾
he will make us go crazy, but first he must drive his members insane lol big brothers ( mostly JB and jackson) don't let yugy be sexy guys... I'm in love with this maknae.. someone smack me! anyone other noona have guilty feelings? =D
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Jr. And JB need to control their kid 馃槀
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OMG this child's innocence never existed Lmfao to wild.
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when I finished this card I went to sleep, guess what? I had a dream with yugy! he was my bf and we kissed.. I need help
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this noona is always looking 馃憖馃憖
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hes my bias of got7 and i feel bad everytime i fangirl over him cuz im 22 and hes 17. ill be glad when he turns 18! i wish i could see him in person tonight in dallas but i cant afford it 馃槩
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