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It's more like you can't bring big cameras or professional cameras you know like I went to the Exo concert and they said you can't record either but a lot of people used there phones still.
same thing for here in korea.. they have security scout and if they catch you second time is the charm lol but people get away with it somehow. I really don't like that I can't take pics
Omg you are going to the NYC show, same here馃檵馃徎 lol but this does suck that we can't take pictures or videos :(
yeah they said the same thing at the big bang concert. I still took pictures and video. I think it's meant more toward cameras and not as much for cell phones. At the aomg concert my brother was able to record the hi touch with all the artists. There was no one there to stop him.
It was the same thing for when I went to see big Bang.....(I snuck In my camera) and I was friends with the security guard who was guarding my area so he let's me record video , take pictures, basically do whatever really.... but it's not just for KPOP artist at some other artist venues they still don't permit videos/photos ....I still take them anyway though lol
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