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Sometimes I forgot to post what I've read or what I'm reading as I think not lots of people are interested in books. Honestly by being in this app for about few month I found just few booklovers with who I can talk about books or see post and description about books Well. Today book it's like on fire in Ukraine .it's really hard to translate this book for u. I mean the name of the book. As thus word is really useful nowadays in Ukraine but non translate be in other countries. "ZHLOBOLOGIA-ZHLOB" more goes to words as jerk, goon, slob, schmuck ', skinflint, cheapskate, penny-pincher. I'm really sorry if this word is hard to understand. But the point in book is about that before the intelligence of the world were when we could learn something from other. When the person that gives advices in life and people who learn lesson from this person both are educated or want to be educated. Nowadays everything that hold this world is money, ppl going more down and stand on their knees for money. Women who can't actually say two words but wearing dolce and gabbana, dior or what ever. Who doesn't even finish the school are more attractive to ppl Man who finished a 8 classes of school raped a girl and went to jail and after became a president of a country. Nowadays intelligence is much more different from other stuff. Ppl who has gold statue, peeing in gold toilet, eating for breakfast lunch and dinner caviar sleeping with every single day with new person it's like a cult, lots of ppl following this idea. Lots of ppl want to be like that. Those " zhlobs" made a new religion where have 10000000 followers. Where ppl don't need to be more high educated, where ppl with two degrees washing those gold toilets and standing on the knees for this person to earn some money. This world goes down. We forgot lots of important things how to be humans. Be urself. Fight for who u are and never let anyone to put u on ur knees. And ohhh God Bless u if someone actually read this long post;-) peace ppl
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I know exactly what a Zhlob is, and I understand what you mean, and I think you are absolutely right, and it is really sad.