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So first off I would like to apologize again for keeping you guys waiting, I really appreciate all of your kind words, love and support it means the world to me. With that being said I hope you guys enjoy this. Feedback is welcome.
Previously "And the award for best friend ever goes to Mark Tuan" Jackson says grabbing a dirty shirt to wipe Mark and himself clean. "I'm going to take a shower" he says exiting the room without giving Mark a chance to reply. Not that he had anything to say, he wasn't sure his voice would even work without betraying him. So he just rolls over facing the wall as his eyes start to water. "I fell for it again" Chapter 2- Third Person Pov Mark awoke to rays of sunlight beaming down on his face. Groaning he sits up running his hands through his dyed blond hair. The events of last night run through his mind causing him groan again. I said we wouldn't sleep together anymore he thinks to himself as he gets out of bed. It had been months since he and Jackson slept together. The last time they had been together Mark vowed never to sleep with him again, it was his way of protecting himself. Sighing he throws a pair of shorts and heads downstairs to the kitchen. As soon as he shuffles into the kitchen he is greeted by a happy and loud Jackson. "Morning sleepyhead, I made us breakfast come on let's eat" Jackson says as he sets two plates on the table. For a moment Mark is frozen staring at the younger debating on whether or not he bolt or not, but a warm hand on his forehead pulls him from his thoughts. "Yien are you feeling okay?" Jackson ask looking Mark in the eye. Mark gulps and quickly moves away from his hand nodding before he sits down at the table. Jackson joins him and is about to question his elder further but Mark is staring at his plate stuffing his face. Once they finish Jackson takes the plates to the sink Mark watches him for a moment before he decides to go back up to his room. Once inside his room he grabs his phone ,opens his contacts an dials his best friend,Jaebum,number. "Sup Mark?" Jaebum says as soon as he picks up. "He made fucking made breakfast" Mark yells into the phone quickly running his free hand through his hairs. Jaebum doesn't miss a beat and he tells him that he'll be over in ten minutes. Mark hands out letting out a breathe he didn't even know he was holding. Why is it like this? Why is he like this? Why am I like this? he thinks to himself as he looks through his dressers for fresh clothes to wear and starts to strip his bed of the dirty sheets. A knock on the door pulls him from his thoughts and he looks up to see Jackson standing in his doorway. Marl takes notes that he has changed out of his pajamas and is now fully clothed. "I can drop those off at the laundry closet as I head out to meet Amber. "Jackson says. At the mention of Jackson's girlfriend's name Mark feels a lump in his throat but he quickly swallows it before he looks at him shrugging and tossing the sheets and comforter at him . Jackson looks at him concerned and confused as to why the elder isn't being himself. "Yien are you sure you are okay ? I can stay home if you want." Mark puts on his best smile and looks at the younger "I'm okay , Jaebum is coming over. You go" he says mentally patting himself on the back for keeping his voice steady. Jackson smiles and nods quickly"Okay I'll you later" he says retreating down the hallway and out the door. Mark sighs and heads to take a shower before Jaebum gets there. "I feel a little better" Mark mumbles to himself as he puts on his clothes. When he is done he goes downstairs and cuts on TV on. A few minutes later there is a knock on the door. Mark gets up off the couch and lets his best friend in. As soon as they both sit on the couch Mark tells Jaebum everything and Mark does not spare any details. By the time he is done he feels upset all over again."You know at this point I would perfectly okay with him ignoring me after we have sex because I'm sure it would hurt less than when he pretends nothing happened and does romantic shit " Mark says lightly pulling hair in frustration. Jaebum sighs and puts and arm around his best friend's waist. He wouldn't exactly call breakfast romantic shit but then again who was he to say it wasn't. "Jae what do I do?" Mark ask looking up his friend. "Well" Jaebum shrugs "You could always try going out and dating people" Decided to end it there. Don't hate me lol. I apologize for any errors and stuff like that. Hopefully I'll have chapter 3 up soon.
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@xoxorittie thanks so much. I appreciate it
@AaliyahNewbell Haha you do a great job at that but I love your stories
Friggin cliffhangers!! Why you do this?!
I love this. My feels 😢😢. I hope Jackson realizes what he is doing to his elder. Its great second chapter. 😊 great Job Markie Pooh! 💕💕
Yes Mark go out and meet someone new!!!
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