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First of all you're not sorry otherwise you wouldn't have said this. It's stuff like this that make people think all ARMYS are assholes. There are plenty of fans internationally that are just as pretty as Korean fans. So this statement is just plain ignorant. Why are you not happy that your group is being supported internationally? You should be happy that their popularity is spreading worldwide not shitting on international fans because of your weirdly personal dislike of them. Like chill, honestly. You sound like a jealous mean girl. Just be a decent human being and stop trying to bring others down and assuming stupid things like all international ARMY are what you paint them to be. We appreciate the music. Don't be an ass about it.
*throws the B.S. to the skies*

*whispers* fuuuuccckkk youuuuuu
I don't even call myself an ARMY because all these negative things happening are all supposedly ARMY and one it's wrong. Two, what the hell? I'm a fan and I support BTS. They have talent. They are amazing artist and performers as well as amazing people to have put up with all that they have.

Not all Korean fans are "pretty". The same goes for international fans but why do you have to be a jerk and bring appearances into it? Why do you feel the need to attack people that are in the same fandom, international or not? It's so stupid.
Seriously all ARMY are beautiful. It's the ugly attitude that makes me think this one ARMY with the mean post is ugly.
And this doesn't just apply to this one instance and fanbase. It's for all Kpop fanbases. Even non Kpop fanbases.
Let's just all be friends and not attack each other. We all love the same music.

That B.S Koreans listen to English music all the time. Shit Jungkook and rapmon did English covers. And if it wasn't for the international army's BTS would not be as popular. Korea is only on small part of the world. The international Army's are what made them Worldwide. And Also stop trying to be Korean but you wrote in English. Get yo life to together. End of Rant.
Thank you for not being as rude as others on this other card I found of this they were just sticking themselves as low as her😩 And that's right not everyone is pretty in the world honestly 😂 but aye it matters if you like yourself. Also like you said shouldn't she be happy that bts is worldwide not just Asia basically😂
I was pretty bad I had to edit out some of my cursing because I kinda do it naturally whether I'm typing or speaking and it's a bad habit but thank you for agreeing 😊 @NydiaEdwards I think the basis of what the others were trying to say was good it just wasn't expressed well.
We could say why does some ppl listen to English music when they can't understand it??