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Which Anime's Do You Guys Love Most?

Hey Vinglers! So I have an awesome idea coming soon for the Fan Art Community :D ......But I need your guy's help to determine something for me xD.

In this card there are 10 Awesome Anime's that im pretty sure a lot of you like. The thing is I dont know which one you guys love the most! Since im mot that heartless (because I know there are some animes here that you cant just pick easily as a winner xD) Vote the top 5 Anime's you see here on the card that you guys love the most! The Anime/s that is named with the most votes in the comments is the Winner!! It's as simple as that really lol xD Tomorrow I will post the Winners!

Thank you Vinglers❤ And hope you guys vote!

Tokyo Ghoul!?

Attack on Titan!?

Fairy Tail!?


Sword Art Online!?

Black Butler!?

Black Bullet!?

One Piece!?

Soul Eater!?


Feel Free to Tag More People!!

I love so many animes it's a problem but I think I'll always say Fairy Tail. But omg, Assassination Classroom, Soul Eater, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Noragami, Demon King Diamo, etc.
@AimeBolanos 😂😂 Yes thank you for blessing us with that opportunity 🙌
@thunder1254 That is why I have blessed you all with the opportunity to choose a top 5 😂
One does not simply just pick one out of the bunch u posted 😂but I have to go with Fairy Tail🙌😂
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