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Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 4 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Y/N's POV Baekhyun's lips were all over you in seconds. Your red tank top was still on but he'd pulled down the top of your suit until it was around your waist. He was moving quickly with a hunger you never knew he could posses. You two hadn't slept together in two months, most nights he'd come up with the excuse not to sleep with you and you wouldn't really try to start anything on your own. You were used to having sex by now but you were never confident in your ability to make the first move, it was easier to just ease yourself into it when he started things. Old habits die hard, once you sighed into his kiss you lost any ability to think and stop him; you were all his. You two were still in the empty corridor though, anyone at any time could turn that corner and see you two and it sent waves of embarrassment through you as you tried to dial back moans of pleasure. He pressed his body against you and you could feel him sporting a slight erection, making you inhale sharply. He lifted you up and instinctively you wrapped your legs around his waist. He opened the door to the room next you and there was a vacant office, he closed and locked the door behind you, his tongue outlining your collar bone at the same time then sucking at the skin to leave a nice red mark. He sat you on the desk unzipping his suit down to his waist as well showing his well toned arms. The shirt clung to his body making you want to rip it off to reveal what was below. He grabbed your face kissing you hard and saying through heated kisses, "Fuck you're so fucking beautiful." his voice dripping with lust. You could hear a voice in the back of your head asking, "Then why did you leave me?" You couldn't push the words out of your mouth though. His mouth pecked kisses down your jawline while his hands grabbed the hem of your tank top pulling it over your head. "Shit." he whispered before attacking your neck again. Damn, you forgot he bought this bra for you for your one year anniversary. It's not like you were planning on sleeping with him though but seeing it seemed to have spurred him on more. Your phone was slipping out of your pocket so you took it out and set it on the desk while he unsnapped your bra and pushed it away to free your breasts. His mouth capturing one nipple and allowing his tongue to make wet circles around your it while his free hand teased your other nipple. The cool air met your chest when he moved his mouth to the other side. His other hand immediately trailing down your body making you shiver. His hand reaching down your suit to teasingly rub you through you panties. "Fuck Y/N you're soaking wet. You want me bad don't you babe?" You couldn't answer because you wanted him, your old boyfriend at least but you didn't want this Baekhyun that had completely hurt you. His finger continued to tease you, rubbing slowly and agonizingly around the most sensitive part between your legs. Your bottom lip was captured between your teeth to prevent you from crying out. You were trying to get back your senses but everytime you came close to stopping him he'd send sensations through your body you couldn't resist. He brought himself down to his knees just in front of your slightly open legs. He pushed them open wider and pushed your panties to the side to take a taste. Your back arched up in surprise, heat rising in your entire body at the feel of his tongue; your stomach began to coil, desperate to hold onto something, you grabbed his hair. His tongue making slow circles only making you clench your teeth to keep from making a sound. Your hips began to move and rock against his tongue. You were perched up on your elbow and allowed your head to lean back when his tongue started tracing the letters of the alphabet on your clit to find the one letter that would make you scream. You were about to sink deeper into the pleasure when your phone began to buzz. Your eyes snapped open and you quickly looked over to it seeing 'Chenie Chen Chen' written across your cellphone's screen. You grabbed the phone quickly answering it, "Jong Dae!" you said, squealing the last half of his name because Baekhyun had slammed two fingers into you suddenly. His tongue still working on your clit while his fingers rapidly pushed in and out of you. You grabbed his hair trying to pull him away but he wouldn't budge. "Why did you call my name like that? Are you drunk again?" "No." you said breathlessly. You weren't actually talking to him you were trying to make Baekhyun stop but he continued to torture you, changing the pace of his fingers thrusting into you while his lust filled eyes gazed back at you as he kissed your lips below. The slow movement threatening to give you away while on the phone. "Y/N what's wrong, you sound a little strange." You took in a deep breath closing your eyes trying to regain composure in your voice. "I'm fine." Baekhyun stuck a third finger inside of you pushing quickly again ,obviously trying to make it harder for you to speak. "Well listen, I just took a short break to check up on you but I wanted to see if you wanted to get dinner later?" You let out a light moan on accident and tried to cover it up like you were just thinking, "Uh, yeah- dinner sounds great." "Good I'll pick you up at eight." "Mhmm." was all you could muster up without giving yourself away. You quickly hung up the phone, your legs now trembling, you were so close, "Stop Baek." "Cum for me babe." Your hips rolled faster against his tongue, "I'm gonna..." You released a gasp that subtly turned into a moan. Your body shaking once you finally met your climax. "I wish he was still on the phone to hear that delicious little sound. Do you think it would've made him angry that I satisfied you simply with my tongue and fingers?" he said mockingly. "How could you do that? I have no idea who you are anymore Baekhyun." He'd pulled his fingers out of you and licked them tasting you. He pressed his fingers into your mouth silencing you while he said, "I wanted you and you said you hated me. I apologize and you won't forgive me. I please you and you can't muster up a thank you. I'm better than Jongdae you know this. You know you're mine Y/N." He'd been rubbing his fingers against your tongue to make you listen to him but you finally jerked your head back taking deep breaths and finally said, "You can't have your cake and eat it too Baekhyun. You don't want me. Tell me, how long were you two dating before our break up?" His eyes darkened at your tone. "I want you to hurt so bad. You're fucking Jongdae then you go and make a dinner date with him right in my face? You two were probably fucking before we even got together." "How long did you fuck while I only had eyes for you you fucking hypocrite?" you repeated becoming impatient. "Two fucking months." He planted a kiss on your lips and pulled back with a smirk, "Two months of fucking her behind your back and you know what? She's so much better than you." Your eyes widened at the hurtful words, "You're just an easy Fuck." He finished before walking out of the room leaving you alone to comprehend what you had just done. You were just any easy Fuck? She was better than you? You choked back tears of anger and zipped your suit back up. You needed to go home and take a shower, you had to rid yourself of him. You had to wash off his scent, scrub off his touch clean yourself of the worst man you ever loved. What had you done to yourself? You were smarter than this; you repeatedly asked yourself who you were before Baekhyun. Jongdae was right, you let Baekhyun steal who you were and once again the pain returned. You grabbed your helmet walking out of the news station not stoppingbeven after you heard your manager call after you. You dropped by the cellphone station and bought a new phone and had your number changed. You stopped by the beauty supply store and bought scissors and hair dye then headed home. Once you got there you walked into your kitchen grabbing all of your bottles of alcohol and setting them on the counter. You looked at them, all the various different types you had drank before, only on a certain occasion but within the past few days you drank like it was your last drink ever. You let them stay there and walked out to grab your bag and take out the hair dye and scissors, you carefully read the instructions on the back of the box and then went a head and started gathering your long black hair into a ponytail. You experimented with the length until you found the one you wanted and cut away. You proceeded to dye your hair, now with your tank top and shorts on. You walked around the house for a little bit giving the dye a chance to sink in and began to gather anymore treasures that you had received from Baekhyun when you two were together. You got a text from Baekhyun on your old phone since you didn't activate your new one yet. You had it sitting on the charger in the kitchen. You saw that he had messaged you and the little bubble said that he texted: you'll like this with a photo attachment. You didn't open it though. You turned off your phone so you didn't hear the messages anymore. After jumping in the shower to wash out the hair dye, and getting back into your clothes you headed to your kitchen picking out three specific bottles that you wanted to keep and the others you began to pour down the drain. Bottle after bottle till the counter was clear and your trash can was filled with emptied alcohol bottles. You took the trash out and then grabbed everything you could find that connected you to him and grabbed your matches. You had a fire pit sitting out front and started the fire. One by one, pieces of clothing he'd bought you, like the red dress for Valentine's Day or the bra and panty set you wanted so badly that he got you for your birthday, you watched as they burned in the flames. The sun went down finally and left you in the light of the fire. Suddenly, a car pulled up in the driveway. You forgot about your dinner date with Jongdae. He came walking up with his hands in his back pockets, "Y/N your hair!" he said surprised. You looked up at him giving him a small smile, "You don't like it?" "I love it," he said sitting next to you. His hand reached out to touch your hair and you leaned into his hand feeling so much comfort from just that slight touch. You heard him chuckle and saw him smile big at you, "Y/N you're blonde and it's so short now. What made you do this?" "I let myself lose to him Chen, I have never been this stupid and weak before. The more I hold onto the things that remind me of times I was happy with him the more I do stupid stuff, the more it hurts. So I'm reinventing. I'm destroying this weak girl in the fire before she gets another chance to destroy me." "I tried to call you, your phone was off. Baekhyun was at the house when I came by; he told me what you guys did as he was walking her back into his bed room." "And that my dear friend is why I'm burning all of his shit. I'm done with him completely, I want it all gone. And this, this is the last piece." You said pulling Baekhyun's jacket from around your shoulders. You looked at it with hard eyes, you couldn't feel anything for him anymore. Perhaps tomorrow you'd wake up to missing him again but with none of the things around to remind you what you two had been it'd be easier to push away. You used to love your him but four days of torture and the echoing words of him claiming she was better than you and you were just an easy fuck had been enough to break you. Jongdae inched himself closer to you and softly wrapped his hand around your waist. He let his chin rest on your shoulder while his other hand wrapped around your body to complete the hold, he said, "He loves that jacket, you got it for him. Are you really just going to throw it away?" "Yes." you put simply. You felt him lift up from you as you grabbed your phone and said, "Along with this." You unlocked your phone and it opened to Baekhyun's contact. He'd sent you a picture of them having sex. You only chuckled but you felt a slight sting in your chest. You texted him back and said: You're right I did like that but you know what, you're gonna love this. You turned the camera on to face you and kissed Jongdae. He didn't seem to have a problem with it, he even pulled you in closer and you took the photo. You pulled back biting the edge of your lip, Jongdae happened to look a little embarrassed and you chuckled. "You're a better kisser than that's for damn sure." you said. You both let out a chuckle before you turned to the fire and grabbed Baekhyun's jacket and tossed it into the flames. You took a picture of his jacket burning and sent it to him with your last text saying: Now I've officially thrown you away. You chucked your phone into the fire and you watched everything burn down. Jongdae wrapped his hand around yours and said, "Y/N I'm proud of you." You turned to him with a small smile. You thanked him in a low whisper; you were focused on observing his features closely. When you two were in middle school, you had developed a little crush on him that only Jongin knew about. He had tried to push you two together but Jongdae only saw you two as friends and he ended up liking someone else, with that your crush ended, as you grew up you only liked being his and Jongin's best friend. You were seeing Jongdae in a different light now. Your childhood crush coming back as you stared lovingly at him. "Jongdae I have a favor to ask feel free to say no." "What is it?" he asked. You looked him dead in the eyes so he knew you were serious, "Will you sleep with me tonight?" "Y/N." he said a little shocked. He sighed but you continued to look at him lovingly not to guilt him into it but because you did love him. These past four days he'd been your comfort, the person to take care of you, see you cry, sleep next to you and hold you all night so that you'd feel better. Jongdae was the only person in the world you needed. "I feel like no matter how much I scrub at my skin it won't erase that he touched me. I need you to erase him, burn his touch off of me." "Are you sure?" That question some how made your heart race and you nodded. Jongdae looked at the fire in front of you two and stood up. He walked into the house and came back out a minute or two later with a small bucket full of water. He dumped it over the fire and set the bucket down on the ground before out stretching his hand to you. You grabbed his hand and stood up, he pulled you into him quickly and wrapped his hand around your waist so gently it made you shiver. He looked at your cheek, the bruise still there it'd be gone by tomorrow. He leaned in slowly and stopped, hovering lips just above yours. He whispered against your mouth, "You'll have to tell me what you want." He pressed his lips against yours softly, his tongue grazing your bottom lip to get access inside. Your lips parted and he kissed you deeper granting a small moan which made him grip you tighter. He started pushing you towards the door not letting up on kissing you. Once you two got inside he closed the door behind him and picked you up leading you to the bedroom... Baekhyun's POV The moment he kissed her and she gave into him he felt a jolt of happiness. He missed her, he had screwed everything up just so he could be the better racer and he regretted his actions. He regretted hitting her, for breaking up with her, for sleeping with In Jung. He thought she'd take him back, or simply forgive him but she didn't, she wouldn't. She said she hated him and he felt like he was being stabbed in the heart. When she said that she'd trashed all their pictures, he felt even worse like she was trying to kill him. She couldn't just erase two years of their lives together like that. He kept apologizing waiting for her to forgive him but she kept refusing to. He cried on her shoulder unintentionally but now that he was crying she'd listen to him. She'd see he meant it right? No she still refused to listen, she wouldn't look at him probably realizing what he was doing to her. Probably thinking it was a trick but he was genuinely crying and when she wouldn't look back he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed her, he could feel her trying not to give in but once she did he knew he had her. Everything would've been fine had Jongdae not called her. Why the hell was he always checking up on her; she wasn't a five year old. He had gotten so pissed off that he tried to make her moan into the phone so he'd know she was with him. So he could show that she was still his, she was good at maintaining her moans though until he finally got her to moan for him. At the same time, she'd covered it up by accepting a dinner date with him. That pissed him off even more, how could she just do that to him? He continued moving his fingers inside her even though she'd begged him to stop. He was going to satisfy her only to hurt her again. She called him a hypocrite but he never accepted dates in her face like that. He wasn't so rude as to talk on the phone with another chick while he was having sex with her. She was trying to get him back he knew it and when she asked how long he and In Jung were together before he broke up with her he felt the need to shove it in her face. To hurt her more, telling her the truth that it had been two months before he ended everything four days ago. "Two months of fucking her behind your back and you know what? She's better than you." That seemed to hit her hard and he felt some satisfaction in that. He didn't know why but he had finished it with saying, "You're just an easy Fuck." He had never spit out such harsh words to her before but he wanted her to feel the same pain as him. Like he had any right to, he'd hurt her so much already. The bruise was still on her cheek from when he hit her last night. He heard her lie to their manager about where it came from. He wanted to ask her why but he had forgotten. He should've known Jongdae would steal her from him, he was always waiting for the day to make her his. He'd given him the perfect opportunity just so he could win the race this Saturday. He didn't think anything through he was only acting rashly. The rest of the day without her around had been worse than her being there and ignoring him. He didn't even have In Jung there to keep him occupied because he told her to stay home. The manager was calling her every hour on the hour trying to figure out where she was. Baekhyun could only hope that he hadn't pushed her so far to do anything to herself. He couldn't go look for her though, she'd only push him away again. She'd say hurtful things to him, she was probably drunk again anyway; she was fine was what he reasoned in his head. Jongdae would take care of her anyway. He went to the house and called In Jung to have her come over. None of the guys had come back home and from what he knew Jongdae had stayed over Y/N's house last night again so he doubted he would come back tonight. He was getting pissed off with the thought of her sleeping with him, calling out his name, him hearing all the noise she made when she was pleased. He'd thrown a glass at his wall cursing at himself for allowing it to happen and he was getting even more pissed off at her. In Jung had arrived and he just immediately attacked her mouth, taking his frustrations out on her. Kissing her lips roughly, till they were swollen undressing her as quickly as possible, "Someone missed me." she said through kisses. "Shut up." he said. He really didn't want her talking he just wanted her body. He needed it especially since he hadn't finished with Y/N, he was too upset to. The front door opened but he didn't cease in undressing her. "Did you ever consider taking that into your room?" It was Jongdae's voice he'd stopped kissing her and pushed her to the door while saying, "You still live here? I thought you'd be out fucking my girl at her place." "She's not you're girl any more that would be the slut you were just slobbering on." "She didn't seem to have any complaints when I was eating her out today. I remember she was on the phone with you too. Did you hear her moan for me? She's such a good girl isn't she, does she make the same sounds with you?" "No, she sounds like she actually enjoys it when she's with me." Jongdae said with a cocky smirk. That had pissed him off and he went into his room slamming the door behind him. The sun hadn't gone down yet and he'd gotten the idea that if he texted her a picture of them having sex she'd respond to him. In Jung's eyes were closed, marveling in the pleasure he was giving her. When they were finished he had checked his phone she hadn't replied back to him yet. He was annoyed by that but he was also worried if maybe he really did push her too far. He got dressed and told In Jung to go home, she sounded surprised that he just called to Fuck her and then leave but he didn't acknowledge her after that. It was night by now and Jongdae's car was gone, he wondered if he'd found her. Or was he out looking for her too? He decided to go drive to her place to check. He'd gotten two text messages on his ride there from her. He parked a little farther back from her driveway and got out of the car looking at the texts. She was kissing Jongdae, she was definitely home that was her front porch. She was blonde now and her hair had been cut. Anger built up inside then he saw the jacket she bought him the one, that in a fit of rage, he had thrown at her. She burned it, she'd thrown him out. He hurried up to her driveway to talk to her, she couldn't just throw him away like that. She couldn't just pretend that he didn't exist or that he didn't matter to her anymore she couldn't just move on not after four days. He stopped at her driveway witnessing his arms around her kissing her softly but deeply. How was he okay with the fact that he touched her earlier while they were on the phone. Did he not believe him, did she convince him it meant nothing? They went inside the house and he stood there stunned for a bit wondering what the hell was going on...
So my bunnies I will update the next chapter as soon as I can but then I'm going back to finish up my Kingdoms story I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading. @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @VKookie47 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells
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