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Hey everyone.. Im here on behalf of @vixxstarlight1. she is the Mod for Madtown and she's feeling overwhelmed since its her first time, like alot of us.. She asked me to help her make a card calling out to all the MADPEOPLE
who would like to become part of the support team this Q3
so if you're feeling down that you didnt get a chance to join a team
and love Madtown
will be willing to commit yourlsef
to this amazing group..
please message @vixxstarlight1
and let her know why you want to become a part of this team
You can message me as well if anything
LITKinkySquad SQUAD:
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@Miichi I'll message her and let her know
a year ago·Reply
@Miichi @LocoForJiyong @dianalakoreana I dont know why my page isn't loading, I'm sorry
a year ago·Reply
@Vixxstarlight1 it's ok. message me =) we just want to help
a year ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm this is why you're my Hyung! Daewon pleases me!!! H.O. too 😍
a year ago·Reply