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Topp Dogg Mod Supporters :D
I have found 5 amazing mod supporters :D They're super great and adorable. So I would like to introduce you to each mod support and what members they will be dedicating too. @KaeliShearer - Hojoon and P-Goon @AimeeH - Jenissi and Nakta @XergaB20 - Xero and Hansol @MelissaGarza - B-Joo and Sangdo @HeichousRegalia - Yano and A-Tom Congrats to you lovely people I hope we all can make the Topp Dogg community epic and I can't wait to see how the community will improve :D And I hope you all will respect my mod supporters with love and kindness <3
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@QueenLee 😂 I will try my best get all those sexy photos and stuff girl I got u
a year ago·Reply
@QueenLee I can't promise anything! XD So I apologize ahead of time!
a year ago·Reply
@QueenLee Just know that it won't be me! It'll be Shin Ji Ho in all of his sexy adorableness that is going to be to blame! XD
a year ago·Reply
WOOO CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!!!! @HeichousRegalia that's my sis😆 💙💙💙💙
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