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I have found 5 amazing mod supporters :D They're super great and adorable. So I would like to introduce you to each mod support and what members they will be dedicating too. @KaeliShearer - Hojoon and P-Goon @AimeeH - Jenissi and Nakta @XergaB20 - Xero and Hansol @MelissaGarza - B-Joo and Sangdo @HeichousRegalia - Yano and A-Tom Congrats to you lovely people I hope we all can make the Topp Dogg community epic and I can't wait to see how the community will improve :D And I hope you all will respect my mod supporters with love and kindness <3
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@QueenLee 😂 I will try my best get all those sexy photos and stuff girl I got u
@QueenLee I can't promise anything! XD So I apologize ahead of time!
@XergaB20 DON'T DO IT! 😂
@QueenLee Just know that it won't be me! It'll be Shin Ji Ho in all of his sexy adorableness that is going to be to blame! XD
WOOO CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!!!! @HeichousRegalia that's my sis😆 💙💙💙💙