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So hi guys my first ever card that doesn't have to do with my fanfic!! Anyways last night while on twitter the hashtag #YouArePerfectJimin was trending because an army was calling Jimin fat and ugly. (like are you blind??) So here it is some wonderful Jimin pictures showing that indeed Park Jimin is anything but fat and ugly.
that smile ❤️
jimin with orange hair is just 😭❤️
Park Jimin you are the death of me 😲😭
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I hate it when so called fans call idols fat or something. He's got chubby cheeks his cheek bones are popping out. I'm sorry but he has one of the most beautiful faces in Kpop. I look at the eyes, lips, cheekbones, and jawline....he's my honey senpi that's who he reminds me of. I love him.
@merryjayne13 i agree! people are so rude sometimes like im sorry but not everyone is going to be in your standards
@aliciasalinas i agree someone as perfect as Jimin shouldn't have to hurt himself and his health just to please fans who don't understand that their words have power over not just idols but anyone
what's worse is that these are the people making Jimin insecure and go through extreme diets. Jiminnie looks cute chubby, he looks cute no matter what.
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