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So I'm absolutely exctatic! in 3 days I get to see Got7 in concert in Chicago, well Rosemont. lol. After a stressful week of work and problems I get to end it with something fun and exciting! I'm going with a couple friends and getting to run around Chicago the day before the concert! Hopefully others who are going are super extatic to see these boys in the states!!!
gotta give credit and say the person who drew this is an amazing person!
Just going to tag @SarahVanDorn and @Tigerlily84
I am! Going to Chicago concert!
I can't wait until they get to Atlanta! !
@laurencaver7 I'm sorry to hear that. it was touch and go on whether we were even able to make it this weekend. so it just made my night last night when it had been decided that I had been able.
I don't get to go so no... I'm not ecstatic... I'm sad.