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Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
The gun fire slowed down as fewer men were firing. Taeil turned to you and whispered, "head upstairs with a group, we can take it down here!" You nodded and gathered Hoshi, Jungkook and Yoongi. Together, you snuck out the room and stormed up the stairs. There were a few guards outside the office door but they were soon taken out. "Damn!" Yoongi muttered, "door's locked" You looked over at Hoshi, "leave it to Hosh, he can break locks easily" You moved yourself and Yoongi back as Hoshi repeatedly shot the door. You broke open the door and held up your guns to the two guards stood either side of your father's desk. Hoshi slammed the door shut and guarded it. Didn't need anyone barging in on this. "Why don't we put the guns down hey?" A voice called out. The chair turned round and revealed your father.
"4 of you right? And let me guess Woozi sent you?" You all remained motionless, still aiming at the guards. "I knew that little bastard was up to no good." You shot the first guard in the leg. No one else dared to move from the tension. "Now, now. I'd at least like to see what idiots are working under him nowadays" Nothing. "Fine, shoot them!" He ordered. Except, Yoongi got there first and shot both men in under a second. Once they fell to the floor, Jungkook and Yoongi lowered their guns. They knew that you wanted to be the one to shoot him. You wandered over to him and punched him square in the jaw then pushed him to the floor.
There you were towering above your father. He was on his knees with his head tilted up slightly so every now and then he would capture your gaze. "I'd at least like to know the person shooting me!" He spat. You removed the face mask but kept a stern gaze at him, even when his facial features softened. "Y/N, sweet-" "Don't call me that you traitor!" "Traitor? I'm your father." "So, doesn't stop you from being an absolute dick." He looked confused, your father's acting was so terrible it was untrue. "Was had that little scamp Woozi told you?" "That you wanted my team and I killed." He stuttered, "why would I want that?" "Business, Dad, why would you kill mum?"
His expression suddenly got more aggressive, "that's different, she deserved it." You stayed quiet but your grip on the gun got stronger. "I wanted a son but that bitch gave me a weak-ass daughter instead" There was silence as you took in every word. He was a traitor and traitors get their punishment. You felt everyone's eyes suddenly look over at you as your finger twitches at the trigger. He had raised you and trained you, this was merely too ironic. "Go to hell!" You uttered through gritted teeth as your index finger pulled the trigger. The kneeling man's body flopped to the floor and a pool of blood engulfed him. He was dead. Your father was dead - and you had killed him. Somewhere deep down there was a sense of sorrow. Yet, it was overrun by a sense of justice for your mother and overall a accomplishment.
You remained in that position until a soft hand touched your shoulders. Yoongi. "Y/N, just step back alright?" You did as he said and took in the situation. You'd just made yourself an orphan! Memories swarmed your head. ~"Daddy, look I'm riding a bike!"~ ~"where'd you get that Y/N?" "My dad bought me this phone!"~ ~ "I'm so proud of you sweetie"~ ~"you passed the induction test, you're going to be part of my company"~ ~"this is Min Yoongi sweetie"~ ~"you will lead the team alongside Yoongi"~ The man that had been part of your life since the start was laying motionless in front of you. And you killed him. The tears started to fall as Gigi embraced you, "it's okay Y/N!" "No it's not Gi, he was my only family left!" "Don't... I'll be your family" His words comforted you so you almost completely forgot about the corpse laying by your feet.
Omg that is the sweetest thing he could have said at that moment I just andidhabshxis😭
I have so many emotions going on right now😂😂