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okay so apparently you can only upload 50 pictures per card so I'll have to make a part 2. this is the airport. Like I said in my precious card I was in Incheon, but the area we arrived in had little activities and attractions. I thought That there would be a lot of judgement and staring, but everyone in Seoul is so friendly. They smile and wave of Its too bad my Korean wasn't that great. I could tell everyone wanted to speak too me but we couldn't quite communicate. I met many English teachers from England that had decided to settle in Seoul. They all had a unique story and I thought that was wonderful.
There was a children's cartoon museum located near the hotel. If you guys follow Amber Liu on snap chat you know she has an obsession with a beverage cafe named Gongcha. this place is delicious. they have a variety of tea, smoothies, juices, and iceflakes. I also had some Korean street food and the eggbread which I just call eggpyang. kpopandkimchi did a card on it. it's delicious. sweet bread with egg on top.. mmmm. and lastly we did the traditional Korean style restaurant where you cook everything yourself.
I also visited my wife's cafe. Yes I'm married to Hello Kitty. Our daughter is My Melody and Our son is Rillakuma. *cries* they are so beautiful. Amazing models.
The cafe sold drinks, sweets, and some goodies. Not to mention everything was so cute.
As you can imagine Line was lit.
these are various shops down in the Myondong district.
I'll finish up in part 2.