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This is how you lose her
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Me too..This brought back few regrets fr me.. coz this is how i lost her.. :'
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@VarunNambiar i'm sorry to hear that 馃槥 *warm hugs* everything is a life lesson...hopefully we'll grow from it.
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@Kpmanalo you have a point. the ideal thing is for each person to know their worth without needing validation all the time. but unfortunately, human emotions change. there are ups and downs. we have our dark moments. at the end of the day, we (both men and women) need reassurance from the person who profess our love to and who claim they love us back.
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*the person we profess our love to.
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@jULsJ time will keep the emotions flowing it's everywhere even if we do see it or not. but things will be judge by others and we often overlook things that we have done struggles,fight,argument,complaints,misunderstanding, it's all our decision we do always say love is everything but it's not really what we think of it. our emotions is triggered by outside sources. it's boundless. but lets think of it like this way, that love is an endless ways of all the good things and bad things but it's about what do we want to attract, by the way this is how I look at it.. peace and I hope someone will agree with it
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