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“143” Pt.2    After the rival at Tokyo’s Airport and after quietly being chased for fangirls, all the staff of EXO, finally, arrived at the hotel. Here is where your abilities finally came to the picture. After talking with the personnel of the hotel and finally getting the keys, you went back to the staff.     “So, here are your keys, only four people per room, please”- you said as you were given the keys to the EXO members.     “Very well, go ahead and sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.”-the manager said and everyone went their separate ways. As you were walking down the hall to catch the elevator, which would take you to your room, inside where five EXO members:Kai, Tao, D.O, Chanyeol and finally Xiumin. You were feeling agitated. The elevator was already small enough and more people were coming inside as the elevator made stops. Now you were sightly pressed against Kai. You recognized that he using cologne. A very strong one. Your legs were already feeling weak as you felt that the distance between you two was getting smaller. You were determined to look up at his face, pretty sure that his features would be the ones of disgusted.      Saddly, the elevator had made the stop were you needed to get out. With a few “excuse me” you went out of the elevator without a problem. You didn’t know someone was behind you until he tapped on your shoulder and made you turn around.    “Thanks for the blanket”-Chanyeol said as he handed the blanket to you. You weren’t expecting this. You only expected to get it back, but not in this situation. You grabbed the blanket and sightly touched his hand.     “Thank you, I know you most be tired and still you gave it back to me, I really appreciate this”- you said and then again, you thought how horrible you most look in front of Chanyeol as you were pretty sure that by this time all of your make up was gone and your ugly face was showing. At least that was your thoughts.     “It’s nothing… Well I need to go, I need to go back to my room”-Chanyeol always had that smile that could capture any girls heart, but of course your feelings were always last.     “If you need me, just give me a call, my room umber is 341”-you said, only to be kind, he smiled again and as he turned to leave he looked at you one more time, and with a small “thanks” he left.      As you entered the room, you could tell you had roommates.    The room was clearly fit for only 3 people. It had a smile kitchen and a restroom, nothing too fancy, but still the atmosphere was cozy and comfortable. That is when you spotted two beautiful girls. Great, good bye self-steem. “Hello, my name is_____”- you said with a small reverence and the two girls also did the same. “Nice to meet you, I am Gyeong”- this girl had long black hair, slim figure, and had that smile that only Koreans could posses.    “Hello I am Myung”-this girl was straight up perfect, her golden hair just above her shoulders and her eyes were as bright as the sun, her clothes made her slim figure stand out. It was going to be torture waking up and trying to compare yourself to them. When in reality, you were so opposite of them. Always so imperfect, so fat and so ugly.   “You can stay in that bed, Gyeong and I will share this bed”- your thoughts were interrupted and once again without making any complaints, you did what you were told.    “So, what’s your job?”- Gyeong asked, already in her side of the bed, ready to watch some TV. “I am the personal translator”- you said camly as you unpacked your belongings.    “Oh, that most be really nice, I just make sure that all the customs are ready for the performance”- Gyeong said while switching the channels.    “come on? It’s not that bad, I all do is give water to the boys after practice”- Myung said and did as she unpacked her last thing and sightly went to rest next to Gyeong.    “ I don’t even know why I turned on the TV, I can’t understand anything!”- Gyeong said and she turned it off" “Well, may be we should just go to sleep” “but I don’t want to” “Gyeong, we need to wake up early tomorrow” “ and? I can still do” "Just go to sleep” “ but…”      This was going to be a long night.    You were awaken by the sound of the room’s phone ringing. Since you were near it, you pick it up and answer the call.    “Hello?”    “______? Can you please come? We need your help”- you recognized this person’s voice. Chanyeol was talking to you through the phone. You looked over and saw that it was 3:00 AM in the morning.   “It’s 3:00 AM in the morning, what do you need me for?” “Just come” “But..”     “Please we need you, we are in room 431”- after listening to him beg, you decided to go over. You quickly looked at yourself in the mirror. You looked uglier, since you didn’t have make up and you had that “I just woke up” face. But you mentally said “I don’t care anymore, I will always look ugly no matter what, so I will just go like this”.    You sightly knocked the door and then again thought this was a bad idea. You waited for a few moments and then you felt strong arms pull you inside the room. Everyone was awake. All 12 wolfs were looking at you. And you regret the idea of not preparing yourself to look better in front of them.   “We want food”         Your face dropped, this wasn’t weird at all.   “Alright, first it’s 3:10 AM in the morning, second, I said four people per room and third, why would you want to eat at this hour, there is not even food,service at this time!”- You said sarcastically, which then you waited for an answer.   “That’s why we need your help”- Oh Sehun said while he looked at you. You looked back at him as you were standing still in front of everyone.    “There is a small convenient store outside the hotel, and since we can’t go out and you are the only Japanese fluent speaker here, we decided to ask for your help…please is just going to be some small stuff”      After Sehun finished, they all waited for your answer. You wanted to say no so badly, but they were all looking at you with those eyes and you just could’t resist. You finally nodded  and they smiled and gave you the list of what they wanted. And so you made your way to the store.     “I am back”- you said and you were greeted by all the EXO members, who seem in a such better mood that before. They sure can be organized when they wanted. They moved the beds to the side so they could fit a small table in the middle in front of the TV. They helped you place the bags on the table and they stare to dig in.    “Well, since you won’t need me anymore, I will get going”-you said as you were prepared to leave. But suddenly you felt a strong hand grab yours to hold you up.     “You should stay, after all, you bought this”-D.O , who was quiet at the beginning gave you a small smile. “Umm, I really should’t…”-you began but were interrupted.    “Come one! It will be fun!”- Kai said and so everyone else stared. “Yes, at least just have one drink with us!" “Lets celebrate that you are part of the family now!” “If you go, we will feel bad!”           And so, you stayed. Curiously, you wonder about the true life of this boys. All 12 of them having different feelings and experiences. You also wonder about that night. About how everything went to being awkward to being at a party with your friends. Jokes, laughs, embarrassment. For a moment in your life, you forgot your problems. You forgot about how much you really hate yourself.  About never being “enough”. You felt happy The last thing you wonder was how in the world you ended up hugging and sleeping in the arms of one of the most perfect boys in the world.
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This is a cute story! 😊 I hope there is another chapter soon. 😀
This is so good!! I love it!! Can wait to read more!!!! ❤️❤️
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