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Ok so most K-pop fans usually have what 1 bias wrecker if any in one group? If you have more then well welcome to the club. For some it could be BigBang, EXO, Super Junior... As for me the group that has given me trouble is BTS.
Now I love these guys I do and ultimately my original bias/#1 bias was and still is....
Yep the 'out of this world' Taehyung himself. So adorable in so many ways! But then as I started getting more into the group itself this guy is just like...
"Hey what's up?" Smooth talking in two languages and just being the ultimate bias-wrecker he is for me. One minuet he's wrapping, the next he's singing, and another he's carrying out an entire interview in fluent English while being absolutely adorable and sexy..
I mean look at this guy!
My favorite photo is this one where they are together.
And then while reading @AlittleJoy card only moments ago...
I thought Namjoon was the ultimate bias wrecker until Hobi pops out of nowhere.
So there you have my- not one but- two ultimate bias wreckers! But still love all three! So adorable and sweet! Whose your bias-wrecker(s)?