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Aaaannnnnd I'll have to make a part 3 now... any ways this is the SM artcodex. it had a theater, cafe, shop, and studio.
in the cafe they had food based off of the groups. the food was okay in my opinion, not great. but my mom went to town on some TVXQ lobster chips. she finished the whole bag in under an hour.
I took the sm studio tour. in the tour there were many pictures of the idols that I wasn't allowed to capture so I apologize for but for sm reasons they didn't want thoes photos in the public eye. and sorry for the pictures of me. the instructor insisted that she get photos of me. the empty chair with the pink arm rests is where chen sat once, according to the instructor. She kept insisting that I sit there so I did, but I'm sure he dressed of people have sat there so his cooties are long gone. (I just realised a while episode of exo next door was shot here)
yes these are the actual outfits the idols wore. the last one on the mannequin is Kai's. the dreams come true locker on is the dance room which is actual quite small since its not the official building. and they also took me to a photo room. if you've seen exo next door the scene where they all did a photo shoot in that white room is where they took me. it's also quit small. Again I wasn't allowed to take pictures in there. I should have been excited knowing I was standing where they stood 3 years ago, but all I could think of was how it probably got really stink after a while. like oppa I love you but you stink.
yes this is the chair from sehun's and xiumin's (when he had one) Instagram. as you can imagine... yes pictures.
and the girl in the pink dress is in fact Tiffany. she was having g a concert. I do have something to say about this moment that's negative, so if you don't warrant this type of material please move on to the K-pop star road portion of this card. I support all k idols that aren't jerks because I support K-pop. ex: I don't listen to ikon or TVXQ but I support them because I love K-pop. I don't support SM as a company because of their habit of mal treatment to idols. and I understand idols are tired and busy and irritated and must deal with a lot. but the least an idol could do is wave. scratch that. the most an idol could do is wave. any form of acknowledgement to fans is more than enough. I see when fans often say that some idols are stuck up. fans do give idols what it takes to become popular and keep their career going. Jessica is full of talent and I don't think she's stuck up although she doesn't wave, but since she left snsd her fandom has gone down. same for Tiffany. she has love and talent, but like wave girl. it doesn't even have to be boring like that. DAB! HIT THE PRAYER SQUAT! fans waited for her for 4 hours. I stood in line at a convention to see a famous voice actor (Micheal j Tatum) for 2 hours I was first in line. When I got up to the front he looked confused and said "I can't believe every year all of you wait 3 + hours just to see me. " stay humble. I'm just a lil irritated is all. even stuck up American idols don't do this.
K STAR ROAD. also known as GANGNAM-DONG (yes oppa gangnam style) tbh there wasn't much here. just Gucci, Luis, vendi, etc. Only the street was decorated.
part 3 coming
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