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help.. me ........please!

seriously I need some assistance maybe even jesus after watching this.......my loves destroyed me just now I felt sooo attacked and so unprepared.i am in love with this dance practice.. jongdae.....more like jongdamn! jongin.....such a hoe but soo beautiful kyungsoo......he killed me.....idk what is happening but he legit made me question life for a moment sebooty.....in sweat pants....AMEN to that mama suho.....too perfect like always xiumi....basically ripped my heart out bacon- I swear that little angel just keeps getting better looking and it's becoming too much Zhang Yixing needs to Zhang yiStop idk what is up with him but he's trying to make me cheat on my love and I'm not doing it ....no matter how perfect he looks and last but not least HOW FREAKING PERFECT DID CHANYEOL LOOK!!!!!!! UGHHHH MY PERFECT LOVE IS JUST TOO MUCH FOR LIFE
lord have mercy on my soul
@BlackFawn amen to that😂
This is my holy Bible