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Assassination Classroom S2 OP2!

This Song hits me right in the damn feels everytime I hear it now because Assassination Classroom's last episode was today's. This OP fits the entire S2 theme and I love it even more because once again the Anime Cast (the classmates) sang this song❤ I love this OP and it will always be on my Anime Playlist❤

TuT words cannot express how sad I am that Assassination Classroom has ended... I loved it! Every Episode to the Characters to the songs EVERYTHING! Even if im crying so hard right now (xD) I would watch it all over again. To anyone who has not seen this anime please... find time to watch it. I promise you, you will not regret it! Thank Assassination Classroom! Thank you Koro Sensei❤ I loved it all❤

Song Title : Bye Bye Yesterday!

By : 3-Nen e-Gumi Utatan or Class 3-E Unit Song❤

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I still haven't finished watching it but I'm going to try and finish it
@AimeBolanos lol ^_^
@AimeBolanos Lol I couldn't, my food didnt make me feel better, I wanted to go to my bed and cry
@TakamiRen TuT I did lol but as my way to console my pain #Hershey Chocolate
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