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As we all can guess by my username and about half of my cards, I am obsessed with Seo Taiji! Well, 2 weeks ago, I got my paycheck and decided to treat myself to this! The Seotaiji & 20 DVDs set! (This literally just came in and it'll be a bit like an unboxing)
So first off, the box looks like a diary with a lock and everything. (Why do you trust me with tiny objects I can lose?)
When you open it, the inside cover is filled with roses (my last name is Rose and it's a sign that I should have it)! And the first thing you see is a 20th anniversary guitar pick (it actually matches my guitar so there's another sign!), and the photobook.
The photobook it's self is actually a diary called Diary Of Memories.
And it's too cool and precious to actually use
And then you have the 2 DVDs which I'm so excited to watch!
That's pretty much it. I love it so much! And it was under $20 on yesasia!