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Ok all BABY'S out their here is our schedule! Titles may be different when the Mod makes them Monday- Giant BABY Zelo Tuesday- Jongpuppy Wednesday- YoungJae JaeJae Thursday- Leader Gukkie Friday- Himchannie Saturday- Daehyun DaeDae Sunday- Games/ miscellaneous And please let us know if you want to be added to the taglist! Baby Mod Squad: @StefaniTre @AimeeH @Helixx @JiyongLeo @JohnEvans @CrystalBlunt
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I will
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please tag me ^.^ I am a HUGE Baby ^.^ Thank you~~
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please please tag me 馃檵馃檵馃檵 I am so excited for this quarter and to see more cards with B.A.P!
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tag me please
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tag me please!
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