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@AkiraItuha Alright, so just to get started here. It is an anime styled game. It's for the 3Ds but don't take it as some child's game, it's very heart tuggy game and can get very intense, it has all sorts of characters and such. The name of the game is Fire Emblem Fates (or, more specifically Fire Emblem Birthright, Conquest, Revelations) they did a pulled a Pokemon and made three different versions or path but all very different as far as characters and essentially plot related stuff. If you'd rather watch the story I'm sure you can find it online without commentary but I do suggest it because it is interesting.
@AlisonGrace OH that's my most recent anime! It's very very emotional. It's very short with only 11 episodes and a movie recapping events. The name of it is AnoHana. It's quite the ride
@sparkieparkie99 thank you and it sounds really interesting
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