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views from the hotel featuring a bad picture of minsoek's movie
I attended a K-pop hologram concert since all the real concerts were sold out. It was nice and had a few cool gadgets. They should really old merchandise and some of the machines were broken but it was enjoyable non the less. the only think I despised was that at the beginning before the concert the staff had you take a pic yourself in a side room and that picture popped up onto the screen to be with the idols. There was a time when I was the only one in the screen and I just sat there cringing.
this is from one if the malls.
this is a cat cafe in Myondong. They only sold drinks, which made since.
these are all just random pictures I don't want to loose. I have to delete all these pictures because they take up too much room in my phone.
OVERALL: I want to go back. I miss the people, the food, the atmosphere, everything. it was my home away from home. There were many other blacks like myself living in Seoul and even black hair salons. The food was amazing. The people were sweet. When I told them that I liked K-pop, especially exo, I expected them to roll their eyes. "like oh this dumb American. of course she likes K-pop how basic. " they thought that was neat. they were impressed with what little Korean I knew and said my pronunciation was great. I meant people from all over the world. I honestly got depressed when I left. I feel like I left a part if myself in Seoul. I am literally missing a piece of myself. it was cool watching Amber's snap chat about the weather and experiencing the same thing and knowing she was somewhere near (is that creepy?) I didn't do all that I wanted because taxes were not fun, so when we left we did t go too far. Myondong had the best shopping. Busan and iteaewon were not as nice as Myondong. It was cool going to the underground station and buying EXO's album as soon as it released. where ever I went if I returned to the same place people recognized me and I miss those people dearly, although I didn't really on know them. living there mig3be a struggle because I'm used to America's bs, but Seoul is family to me.