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The things that where said about him really break my heart because to me he is perfect. Fans...I'm really glad that a lot of fans that are supporting him with the situation and I would like to thank you. It's one thing to comment about how someone is ugly ( which he is most definitely NOT) but it's another to comment about how someone weighs especially if that someone that supposedly "supports" you says it because a true fan would always support the artist not bring them down with an anchor of insults. The things that where said can really damage a person I know this because I have experienced this before and to this day I remember every single thing that they said about me. Scars can be visible on the outside and the inside its hard enough to be an idol, he dosent need more bullshit. That goes for other idols as well they deserve to be happy and as fans with whatever decision they make despite it being something we don't like we need to support its our duty as fans I would like to finish this with more pictures of Chimchim
He is perfect inside and out! ❤️
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@PolarStarr yup it's really hard to ignore these things especially when those things are about UB
I totally agree. I would rather see them healthy and happy then anything else. Anyone who insults them just because they aren't their ideal idol is not really a fan.
I dont understand people at all.😧
Jimin isn't my UB but anyone saying anything bad about BTS kills me...Jimin is amazing I don't want him losing weight because he is perfect the way he is and he is so freaking handsome it kills.