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It's Wonho and somehow ends with Shownu. This was @JiyongLeo dream last night. Full credit to her active dreams! Love you girly and thank you! I'll post your dreams if you would like me to. Let me know if you enjoy this. If so ill start adding onto my stories/fanfiction list.
School started like any normal day. Get up, go to class. Ignore the bullies. Playing around with the guys. Then we got to last period, it was break time. Minhyuk and Jooheon were siting next to me. I was playing around with Jooheon face. Poking his dimples, and everytime I poked him he responded with aegyo. Such cute baby voices and smiling! Of course our break wasn't that long but it felt like an hour that i kept poking Jooheon cheeks. "Why don't you poke my cheeks like that?" I look over to see Wonho. "Because you don't do aegyo when I poke you." Wonho pokes his own cheeks "But...my cheeks are adorable and really pokeable." Ignoring him I went on to playing with Jooheon's cheeks while Minhyuk started giggling. He was laughing cause Wonho got turned down, for once, and that everytime i poke Jooheon his aegyo just kept getting funnier and funnier. Eventually I added to the mix by poking Minhyuk's cheeks too. It was one large laughing fest. Jooheon responds with aegyo and Minhyuk responds with his open mouth laughter. Wonho gets so upset that he reachs over and grabs my arms, "Yah!" "Pay attention to me too!" He yells. Jooheon got sad cause I stopped poking his cheeks, and that Wonho yelled at me. "I'm sorry Wonho but its just fun." I say, "Jooheon just keeps making me laugh with his aegyo while Minhyuk makes me laugh because of his laugh." Wonho crosses his arms. "It's just for fun. No need to get upset." At this point Hyungwon walks over and sits his desk in front of mine placing his elbows on the table and resting his face in his hands. "Would you squish mine?" He asks. How could I resist this cutie!? So what do I do. I squish his cheeks too. Wonho is furious at this point. "Dude chill out." Shownu says. "She is just having fun. It isn't always about you." "But I want to have fun too! These guys are having fun but I don't?" Wonho stands from his desk. "Oh well man. Tough love." Shownu replies still sitring in his desk behind me. Wonho doesn't like that response so he leans over my desk and pokes my cheeks. "Boop!" "What the actual heck man!?" I say "See now you have to return the poke. Can you do that?" Wonho winks. He went out of his way to poke me just so he could get poked back, well now i have to return the poke. Wonho has a grin on his face waiting for me to poke him on the cheeks. Instead I poke him in the stomach. "Wha?" He is shocked. I hear a booming of laughter from behind me. Shownu is cracking up that I poked his stomach instead of his cheeks. The other guys join in as well because now Wonho is dumbfounded. After recovering from the shock he asks, "Why you poke me there and not here?" also pointing at his cheeks. "You never said i had to poke you back on the face." I glare, "Only that i had to return the poke." I show him my bright smile. An evil grin plays on Wonho's face and I catch a smirk, "That's not the only place i want you to poke." he starts lifting his shirt. "Please don't take your shirt off." I stand and pull his shirt down. "We are in class for god sake." Damn it! I really wanted him to take it off too. Why did i stop him? I was only inches from his face after pulling his shirt down when he whispers. not very quietly, "I want you to date me. Can you do that as well?" Shocked at what he said i couldnt move until i felt Shownu brush past me and push Wonho away. "That's it, you're done. Go back to your seat." I sat in my seat like what is even going on? Wonho is never like this. As Shownu walks back to his seat he pulls my face towards him bringing me back to reality and kisses me. "Just a reminder that you know you're mine and no one else's."
This is wonderful thank you for doing this, I want to read it forever omg πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
@JiyongLeo haha you are welcome love bug. I got you covered on all your dreams πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜™
Well damn but I still liked it πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
The ending was... unexpected yet I knew what happened. lol I loved it. Oh so very cute. I can't wait to see what you do with the next one of her dreams.
@Helixx i think the jung and gd one will be next.