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Monsta X Appreciation😊😍

Wanted to take some time out of my day to appreciate one of my favorite groups on the planet.....I may love alot of groups (I seriously love too many for life....but it's okay nothing wrong with that hahahaha) but this group is definitely in my top 5 bias groups I love these beans more than life even knows!!!! every single member is absolutely amazing making it hard not to love them all....so with out further or do....here is a lovely MonstaX spam

Son Hyun Woo aka Shownu

we'll start off with my og bias of the group.....I honestly don't even remember how I found monsta x but when I did ....this man stood out soo much. he's soo perfect. not only is he extremely talented but he is an amazing leader. and he may look serious....but there is nothing seriously about this idiot at all.....and this man...is a serious eating machine there isn't anything he wouldn't eat....including stinky tofu hahaha but there simply aren't enough words to describe my love for this man

Lee Joo Heon aka Aegyo King

do not ever let this adorable face fool you at all! I'm serious when I say it! this boy here may be cute and adorable and just make you want to squeeze him but let me tell you.....when this kid opens his mouth straight fire is produced ....kid can rap one line and start a forest fire miles away. he is extremely talented beyond words. he's collabed with a lot of good artists and he just melts my soul. he's not the youngest but he's definitely my little baby rap God angel. and I love him a lot lol

Lee Minhyuk

although he wasn't the first to catch my eye...this kid made it a point to ruin my life....and it worked ...Minhyuk is seriously too perfect for life and my spirit animal in this group. he's such a dork but I wouldn't have it any other way. honestly don't know what this group would be without his lovely personality

I.M aka The "Grown" Baby

one of the weirdest maknaes ever lol but he knows all of our fangirl struggles.....when he's not busy trying to choose between shownu and wonho (we all know how that goes) he's laying down some insane raps. this little baby....excuse me this little Man makes me sooo proud with how far he's come. he even released his mixtape making me soo happy. idk what to even say about this kid. ughhh I just feel like a proud mama bear (don't judge the lack of photos a lot of my stuff had to be deleted for kcon but I love i.m more than life)

Chae Hyung Won

this man.....this man here is way too perfect for this world. he slays life with 0 effort. and he makes anything look good. seriously so talented and best of all ......


probably explains why I'm drawn to him so much like my self he was born on January 15th ....aka the best day ever

Yoo Ki Hyun

if you thought hyungwon was flawless....get a load of this angel! Kihyun is so perfect. honestly . he could wear a potato sack and still look better than all of us. he's an amazing singer and such a sweetheart. keeping things short and sweet for this one because let's be honest here Kihyun's loveliness speaks for itself

Shin Hoseok aka Wonho(e)

oh gosh.....where do I begin with this kid....ughhh....I truly love every single member of this group more than anything.....but this kid here makes me soo freaking happy....all it takes is seeing that lovely smile or hearing his voice and my day is 19282828882 times brighter. probably one of the biggest sweethearts ever. Do Not! I repeat! do not! let that sweet face fool you....this man here lives up to his name because he is the biggest life ruining hoe on the planet of life. why? you may be asking ...well because this man here can go from cute adorable little innocent bean......to hot damn thank you mam times infinity. I swear I'm so paranoid with this kid because I never know when he's gonna attack .....if I ever disappear.....you'll know why. I've died at the hands of this man too many times but would never change it for the world....he's not my UB.......he's ultra mega extremely close .....but I love him more than anything in this world and always will. I could honestly right pages upon pages about this kid ....but I've said enough hahaha long story short...he's my world .

I knows I've said alot about why I love all of these babies .....but there will never be enough words to describe how amazing this group is. they've made a huge impact on my life and they are a huge source of happiness for me

Hope you guys enjoyed this MonstaX spam

and also hope I didn't kill anyone with these beautiful pictures lol
@swarrier16 yes they do! they are amazing and thank you!
Love it 😍😍😍 Monsta X just finds a way into your heart haha. Good luck!
yes to everything that is HoSeok!!!!!!!!!
@VatcheeAfandi99 😂😂😂thanks .....just speaking the truth that wonhoe is a dangerous man
TOTALLY LOVED THIS WONHO SENTENCE YOU WROTE " This man right here can go from cute innocent little man......to hot damn thank you mama times infinity" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 YO THAT WAS HELLA GOOOD
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