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Written By Erin Nicole. Starring: Yongguk and Himchan Genre: Crime, Mystery.
"Where am I? How did I get here?" These are all questions I asked myself as I lay in the middle of the street on a cold night in the pouring rain. "What happened?" I asked myself as I try to stand up. As I stand In the middle of the busy street, I run to the sidewalk where there is a Crowd of people. "Excuse me!" I screamed while trying to get someone's attention. "Can you please tell me what happened, and Where I am?" I said. it's as if they were ignoring me. "YONGGUK!!!" I hear someone shout in the distance. "CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!?" Asked the voice. I didn't know where this voice was coming from, but it sounded so familiar. I don't remember what happened to me, or how I got here. "WHO'S THERE!?" I shouted. There was no Response. As I start searching in the rain for the voice that called me, I see Himchan standing in the distance in front of me, and he had his Back to me. "Himchan!" I shouted to get his attention. Himchan slowly turns toward me. "Yongguk?" He shouted as He ran to me and Hugged me. "What happened?" He asked. "I thought you were dead!" Said Himchan. "No, it's me in the flesh." I said. "Why did you think I was dead?" I asked. "Robbers!" He shouted. "A whole Gang of Robbers held you, me and a Large group of people captive. Some Were shot and killed." He explained. "You Don't Remember?" He asked. "I must've Blacked Out." I said while trying to remember. We both start hearing Sirens. "Come on, Let's go check it out." Said Himchan while trying to Get me to follow him. After walking some distance, we see Ambulances, Firetrucks, and Police cars. I see The Ambulance Drivers Walking out of the building. With a Dead body on a Gurney. We couldn't see who they were. They had a sheet covering them. "Poor Guy." Sighed Himchan as he stood next to me, hanging his head down. "We've got to find them." I said. "Who?" Asked Himchan. "The Robbers." I said. "Innocent people were killed because of them, and They've Got to be stopped!" I continued. "Are you crazy!?" Asked Himchan. "They could Kill Us!" He said. I start to walk down the street, and I look back at Himchan. "Are you Coming?" I asked. "No! No way! If you want to go out and Play detective, That's Fine, But I'm Not going with you." Said Himchan. "Alright, See ya later." I said. As I walk away, I start counting down in my head. "3...2...1" I counted. "Wait!" Shouted Himchan from Behind me. "Right on time." I said to my self while Laughing quietly. "I'm Coming with you!" Shouted Himchan as he starts running to catch up with me. "But I thought You wanted to stay he-" I said jokingly. "Oh, Shut up!" Himchan interrupted. "You Know You're Crazy, Right?" Asked Himchan. "I Know." I Responded.
I Hope you enjoyed the First Chapter of my Story. I will post Chapter 2 very soon.πŸ€— Have a Great Day! @P1B2Bear @StefaniTre @BabydollBre @Sweetnothing34 @SindyHernandez @aliahwhbmida @Purplehairedluv @Starbell808
@YongRaviZiMon super excited for chapter 2!
Thank you! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ˜†πŸ’—@P1B2Bear
oooo! great job! I loved it!