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Yahoo! Japan has recently posted a 12-minute video clip from the upcoming anime film Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The new video showcases a recreation of the bar scene from Space Pirate Captain Harlock The Endless Odyssey. The film project is currently set to be a remake of the anime series Space Pirate Captain Harlock by Toei Animation and will star Shun Oguri and Haruma Miura as the pirate protagonist and new character, Yama, respectively. The upcoming film is to follow Captain Harlock, who gained fame as the captain of the Arcadia, the last of the four Death Shadow Class starships which were built as an ultimate weapon against the invading forces of aliens. However, towards the end of the war Harlock vanished. After being gone for many years he returns in 2977, with a huge skull carved on the bow of the Arcadia, he aims to fight for mankind and challenge Earth’s government. The cast will also contain Yuu Aoi, Arat Furuta, Ayano Fukuda, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakamoto, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, and Chikao Ohtsuka as members of the Arcadia crew. The film is set to release in Japan on September 7th 2013, and GFM Films has listed that it is working on an international dub.
If you are able to watch it on Youtube someone uploaded it here: . Hope this helps :D
I have a gS3. AND NEED adobe flash player but my phone doesn't support it is there another way to view the clip on my phone? please help.
I agree thanks I'll definitely check it out !
thanks, I will check this out *Q*
You can find the link on our site or you can go directly to the video via this link:
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