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Can we just take a moment to appreciate this fine piece of specimen...my, oh my look how you've grown Karma-Kun? (Fangirl blushing)
Not only was impressed by his grown up look, but also the fact that he was achieving his dream with mischief still in his eyes. You go Karma.
And I could never forget about this cutie! Nagisa! 7 years later and still taking names and kicking ass...although he is still quite short, which I found adorable, the better for Karma to embrace him right? ;)
But I must confess...I like him better with his twintails? Anyone else feel the same way? He's just...not the same...idk....
Sooo who else cried during this part of the last episode? I sure did :'( But at the same time, it made me so happy to seem them together <3
So anyone else have thoughts on this last episode? Let me know :) Would love to discuss this great anime I have finally watched and have loved from the start. Now to start reading the manga from the start!
Sorry if this post seems like random thoughts, I mean really that's exactly what it is lol but I didn't have time to really polish it, so forgive me. >.<
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damn I wish nagisa became an assassin
a year ago·Reply
It was a perfect ending to a great series --and that's hard to say now and days about shows. It hit me in the feels seeing Assassination Classroom end.
a year ago·Reply
Also, hnnng~ Karma-kun grew up to be so fine --and over 6 ft!
a year ago·Reply
@amakikocha agreed I thought it was a great ending, even if it made me feel all the feels...not a lot of shows can pull off such good endings. They tied up the loose ends perfectly in this. And I know right? How did he get hotter?!
a year ago·Reply
I understand your feelings😭❤💔
a year ago·Reply