i saw @Gaehwa post and i just had to say something... I totally agree: Jimin is beautiful inside and out.
I've never seen someone who cared so much for their fans and members. He makes sure he gives the ones he loves anything and everything they want and he doesn't expect anything in return. It makes me sad however because this often leads to his disadvantage. A major example of this was when a fan had asked him what he did to stay skinny and he said that he starves/eats very little. I've even heard that many A.R.M.Y. have left the fandom cuz he lost his abs LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING?!! And then going to say that he's ugly like omg no. That is unacceptable!!
Jimin may be my biggest bias wrecker, but I love him so much!! He is one of the most talented, dedicated, whole-hearted idols I've ever known!! And I wouldn't love him any less if he gained 100 pounds. In fact, I miss his chubby cheeks; he was so precious~~ Anyway, I love Park Jimin and I think he's perfect just the way he is. He works hard and loves with everything he's got and I think A.R.M.Y and BTS should be very thankful that someone like him exists. ❤✨
agreed!! that is why he is my UB ❤ I miss his adorable cheeks too - whenever I see them I just want to pinch them!!!
@resavalencia ikr!! he was so squishy~