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Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader Part: 2/? Previous Chapter Sorry this chapter isn't that long but trust me the next one will be way longer!!! Enjoy reading. <3
“Freaking shit Kim!!”  Lily jumped as the black figure smiled. “What the hell?” She heard Kim laugh before walking over to the lights and switching them on. “You're home late missy.” Kim wagged her finger teasingly. Lily plopped into her sofa and tried to calm her heart before it busted through her chest. She should've knee Kim would try something like this. If she knew anything about her best friend it was that she was a born jokester. Lily was like the exact opposite. Unlike Kim she was more serious and focused. Lily could only guess that was why she and Kim were so close. They both had traits the other didn't. “Yeah well it's been a long day and all I really want to do is sleep.” Lily mumbled leaning her head on her hand. “I just need some time alone.” “Oh if that's the case I guess I'll just take this too then.” Kim held up a bag of Chinese. Lily eyed it her stomach growling with just the sight of food. Of course Kim would have bought them dinner tonight. That was exactly like her. Always taking care of her. Lily would always feel bad but Kim would shrug it off with a smile and a that's what friends are for. And Lily loved Kim for that. “Well I guess you could stay for a little while.” Kim grinned as she set the food down and began setting the table. Lily got two forks and they commenced to eat. Lily tried not to seem too greedy but it had been well over a week since she had a real meal and she couldn't help but ravish through the food. Kim could only gaze at the sight. “Wow. Is this really what weed does to people?” Lily’s fork stopped in mid-scoop and she smiled nervously. “Sorry. It's uh…well you know.” Lily stared down at her food frowning. She must look disgusting. “With my two jobs and my grandfather I don't really have time for much else. I'm sorry if I-” Kim grabbed Lily’s hand squeezing it reassuringly. “Don't say anymore. Trust me I get it.” Lily smiled at her best friend tears threatening to fall. No matter how immature Kim was at times she was still the greatest friend she ever had. No one understood her in the way Kim did. She was the rock that Lily never knew she needed. “I wished it didn't have to be this way. You are the last person who deserves to live like this. It's like the world has been against you your whole life. Ever since your mother-” Kim stopped as Lily's hand tensed. Kim didn't protest as Lily pulled her hand from her grasp. Kim knew Lily's mother was a sensitive subject and immediately regretted her words. “I'm sorry..I didn't mean to-” Lily stood up from the table abruptly. The atmosphere in the room was heavy and Lily wanted nothing more than to change the subject immediately. She eyed her jacket and thought of the card. “Well maybe...the world is finally giving me a break.” Kim’s curious gaze followed Lily as she picked the small white card from her jacket's pocket. Kim's face dropped in apparent dissatisfaction. “Is that it? I was kinda expecting something more…green. Like I don't know….money?!” Lily rolled her eyes at her friend's naïve attitude. “Kim it's a business card. From the legendary G-Dragon himself.” Lily wished she hadn't said that as Kim took a swig of that horrible soju that Lily hated with a passion. A few seconds later and it was all in her face as Kim choked trying to catch her breath. “Y-You mean the G-Dragon? How did you ever manage to catch his attention?!” Lily grabbed a napkin wiping the disgusting liquid from her face. She thought back to the recent events that happened earlier that day with Jiyong. How could she explain it? “Let’s just say I have my ways. But get this. He actually followed me home and gave me this card telling me to be there bright and early.” Kim, who had not moved a single muscle since Lily started speaking, now looked at her with a shocked expression. “Wait you mean he was right outside this building?” “Yeah.” “So basically he offered you a job?” “It seems that way. But why-” Kim got up from the table almost knocking her chair over and making her way to the door. Lily followed her not liking the look in her friend's eyes. “Kim what are you doing?” Kim looked back at Lily like the answer was obvious and she was an idiot for asking that. Lily however was only confused and slightly frightened. “I'm gonna go find something to wear. I mean we are meeting BIGBANG tomorrow right?” With that she left Lily's apartment in a flash. Lily heard her neighbouring door open and close. Wait what do she mean by we? Lily decided it was best not to think about what her crazy friend might have planned. Giving the business card one last look she thought about seeing Jiyong tomorrow. She hurried to bed ignoring her fluttering heartbeat.  

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