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Introduction to the series here! Follow the Collection here! This story was edited by @conversehigh Thank you for helping me with this! ♡ Perfection. That's what our relationship was. He was happy being the salesman he portrayed to be. I was happy pretending to be a full time chef. Our lives were just as normal as the couples next door­ except the fact we weren't as annoying. A happy married life is what we had, even if our lives were a complete secret from others.. at least, I thought we were happy. In a world full of falsehoods and pretendings, what can be deciphered as the truth? It was the truth that, in the end, got clouded by the lies and secrets we told ourselves and others. "I love you," you would whisper as your arms wrapped around my figure. "Me too," would be my reply. Maybe it's because I never told you how I feel... Is that what happened to us? Is it because we weren't being honest with each other? What are we supposed to do now? Now that everything had come crashing down­ now that my pretended black color turned red? The lies being thrown out the door, being replaced by the ugly truths. The facade we tried so hard to keep up, now gone, replaced by the confusion and unhappiness we had suppressed for so long. There's nothing that could possibly be done now to fix the situation. You didn't have to lie. You didn't have to pretend. I didn't have to either, I suppose, but why did we create lies in the first place? Why did we pretend? Would our lives have changed if we were only honest with each other? If only our foundation was built on honesty, and not the lies we so desperately wanted to become truths. Sadly those lies are the past now, and this is the present. Our current chaotic situation. Here we are in this moment, pointing our guns at each other. You know, I loved you Jimin, I really did, but the selfish version of me is taking over and I can't seem to find the courage to put my weapon down. After all the lies we told in the past, let's have an honest moment Jimin. Just answer me this: Which one of us is is willing to pull the trigger?
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