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Hello again! So I thought today I'd introduce you to the boys if you aren't familiar with them. So Sit back, relax and enjoy the feels! (I'm lame XD)
1st we'll start with the Leader and Vocalist Jo Onejunn! ❤ His birth name is Jo Won Jun. His stage name is Onejunn (some also call him Wonjun) His was born on November 22, 1988 (He's 27 but still my precious baby) Height: 179 cm Weight: 61 kg Twitter: BoysRepublic_OJ Instagram: onejunn
Next we have Vocalist Choi Sunwoo ❤ His birth name is Choi Da Bin. His stage name is Sunwoo (Former stage name was Dabin) He changed his stage name because his parents fortune teller told them he should (I still laugh XD) He was born on March 12, 1992 Height: 183 cm (Sunwoo is like a GIANT standing next to Sungjun, Suwoong & Minsu) Weight: 65 kg Instagram: ssunwoo312
Now Rapper and Dancer Park Sungjun ❤ His birth name is Park Sung Joon His stage name is Sungjun He was born on December 17, 1992 (WE HAVE THE SAME B-DAY! Except I'm a 97 liner) Height: 172 cm Weight: 55 kg Instagram: sungjun1217
My ultimate bias Rapper, Dancer and also the 4D member Kim Minsu ❤ His birth name is Kim Min Su His stage name is Minsu He was born on April 15, 1993 Height: 175 cm Weight: 55 kg Twitter: BoysRepublic_MS Instagram: kimminsu333 (He recently got hacked so had to make a new account)
Last but not least our Maknae and Visual of the group Lee Suwoong ❤ His birth name is Lee Su Woong His stage name is Suwoong He was born on January 20, 1995 Height: 174 cm Weight: 56 kg Instagram: suwoong_95 (This boy loves the camera XD) Who's your bias?
Twitter: officialBoysRep Instagram: official_boysrepublic
Party Rock was their debut song ❤ They debuted 2013 Get Down is their recent comeback ❤ Its so different I love it I'll go more in-depth on their other video's in another card!
@MichelleIbarra Oh sorry 😂
In my name there isn't a number... haha! I'm still currently getting into them!
@MelissaGarza Welcome! Hope you will join the royal family ❤
thanks for sharing. I'm starting to get in this kpop group. 💓