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Sayonara Classroom!! Always & Forever!!

Assassination Classroom Tribute and farewell!! 😭😭 The life lessons never stop!! Thank you for everything Assassination Classroom!! Anime is Life!!
@LuffyNewman Yeah I thought the same, it was just too much for me, I got way too attached to koro sensei
@TakamiRen his laugh was the best. I didn't want it to end that way but it was a beautiful but sad ending!
@LuffyNewman Same, I wish it would have been, didnt want it to end that fast, I missd koro- sensei's laugh or is it just me ^_^
@TakamiRen I feel the same way!! Why can't it go on forever!!!
OMG, I cant believe its over, my heart feels like it sinking into the deep ocean
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