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I was a part of M COUNTDOWN!
Do you hear all those screaming fans!?!? Yeah I was one of them 馃槀 I still can't believe I got to see all my oppas live! It was the best time of my life!
Oh and I got to meet three of my favorite youtubers! @ryanparriola (Kuhpao), JRE (jrekml), and Kenny! (Kennyboyslay)
If you've been wondering where I've been Kcon took up a lot of my time. And I'm still recovering. My next card I plan on telling you all about my experience!
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Unfortunately I'm only 13 gonna be 14 in November so I don't think you guys would have very much fun with me lol.
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@Animezkpopgirl I went to Kcon with a 10 year old.... So yes I'll have fun with you lol 馃槀
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@ashleyemmert lol well, I guess I'll have to start saving up then! We'll have to plan it all out. And if it's ok with my parents if I go. I love in Indiana so it's pretty far from where it's usually held. If I work and earn money for the rest of the year, I might be able to pay for a plane ticket or something, along with the kcon tickets! I don't know where I'll work tho. But I might be able to find somewhere! But yea! That sounds so fun!
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@Animezkpopgirl you can do it I BELEIVE in you. I know the struggle I live in Alabama and had to take two planes to get there, plus I worked everyday of my life to pay for it. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!
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@ashleyemmert ALL RIGHTY THEN!! FIGHTING!鉂わ笍 thanks for believing in me!!
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