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I was a part of M COUNTDOWN!
Do you hear all those screaming fans!?!? Yeah I was one of them 馃槀 I still can't believe I got to see all my oppas live! It was the best time of my life!
Oh and I got to meet three of my favorite youtubers! @ryanparriola (Kuhpao), JRE (jrekml), and Kenny! (Kennyboyslay)
If you've been wondering where I've been Kcon took up a lot of my time. And I'm still recovering. My next card I plan on telling you all about my experience!
@minimanim3 @LocoForJiyong @emhoover1993 @Tania538 @ryanparriola @Helixx @Maahhrrii @SugaOnTop @Xiuyeolhyun @Animezkpopgirl we should try and set up a vingle booth next year and see how many people from vingle come to Kcon!
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@ashleyemmert @LocoForJiyong. omg itd be funnier if we all sat in the same place but had no idea
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hey that's me! haha thanks for finding me and subscribing to the channel. I've watched the videos of M Countdown hoping to see me or Annie somewhere but I guess we weren't front row enough .. oh well. still a great experience, til next KCON!
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@ashleyemmert awesome!! and if we cant do a booth then lets all do a big group meet up and hang out at the convention and the concert
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vingle booth would be pretty interesting! bring all the vingle fans together
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