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Who Was Your LEAST Favorite Disney Romance?
Some people say the Little Mermaid because she never speaks or maybe Sleeping Beauty because she's...asleep....

But what are your thoughts? Is there a "happily ever after" that made you not so happy?

Did the Snow White sleep-y kiss make you cringe?

Should Prince Charming have recognized Cinderella WITHOUT needing to know her shoe-size?


(Mulan is probably my favorite love story, since she didn't need a man to save her!)

What's your least favorite Disney love story? Or maybe easier question, what's your FAVORITE!?

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@petname83 ikr! the story makes no sense at all.
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hm... idk what my least favorite is. I never thought about it. But my favorites are Mulan, Aladdin, Tangled, Beauty & the Beast, Lion King 2, & Pocahontas. I'm a sucker 4 a good "unlikely" romance. cx
a year ago·Reply
My favourite is Cinderella n Rapunzel.....n don't have any least fav, how can i when i grew up watching them all.... Love each and every creations that Disney has created..!!
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I like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Lion King (Don't Judge), and Hercules. All the others are irrelvant to me.
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uhhhhhhhh... I don't know... I love all of them! but the least.. the least.. Finding Nemo? Lmao because the wife died????
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