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Some people say the Little Mermaid because she never speaks or maybe Sleeping Beauty because she's...asleep....

But what are your thoughts? Is there a "happily ever after" that made you not so happy?

Did the Snow White sleep-y kiss make you cringe?

Should Prince Charming have recognized Cinderella WITHOUT needing to know her shoe-size?


(Mulan is probably my favorite love story, since she didn't need a man to save her!)

What's your least favorite Disney love story? Or maybe easier question, what's your FAVORITE!?

Ok not to get bashed or what not but I really did t care for frozen romance story at all, to me it wasn't necessary I feel like Anna and Elsa would've been fine on there own story....Mulan is my favorite! so my mom's says haha
beauty and the beast l. she clearly had stock homes syndrome and beast himself took advantage of it. I would be pissed if my kidnapper tryed to be romantic with me 😑
probably will get a lot of hate but my least favorite is the little mermaid. she literally changed her entire self just to be with the prince. isn't the message for the youth, especially girls, is that you don't need to change yourself to be accepted by others. that others should be able to love you for who you are and that you should be proud of who you are...
My least favorite is Little Mermaid....and my favorite is Beauty and the Beast, though I like Mulan and Aladdin also.
@GossamoKewen95 @sophiamor I also haven't seen Frozen either. I guess its good because its still popular to little girls ☺
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