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So seeing as how it's almost July first I wanted to make an official card announcing various plans and announcing my amazing team! I'm so excited for this quarter with everyone and my fellow Konie Crew.
Let me introduce everyone to @Sammie99522. She will be in charge of June Tuesday's. 😊
Next up is @PrettieeEmm. She is will be doing Chanwoo Monday.😊
@IsoldaPazo is next on the list. She'll be doing Donghyuk Wednesday's.😊
@twistedPuppy is up and she'll be doing Hanbin Thursday's.😊
Up next is @resavalencia. She's doing Jinhwan Sunday's.😊
And last but not least is @VatcheeAfandi99. She's in charge of Bobby Friday's.😊
And I will be charge of YoYo Saturday's.😊
Also starting on July 1st we're starting the 20 Day iKon Challenge.😊 We're also on Wednesday's and Saturday's hosting games and @twistedPuppy will be doing occasional One Shots. We're all looking forward to this quarter and everything we have in store for you all. I love our team and we have a bunch of great things in store so we all hope you will love and support us as well. We will work hard! Please continue to love and support our boys iKon as well!💖💖
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@twistedPuppy lol I'm glad you noticed that cause I swear you were there 😂😂
@MelissaGarza Will do~ 😊
tag me please
@Starbell808 You bet! 😄
whooo ikon