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Korean: Can You Understand But Can't Speak?
For some of us, reading might be the hardest part of learn Korean, or maybe its listening skills.

But for most people, actually SPEAKING Korean is the hardest part.

So how do you tell someone you can understand what they're saying, but its difficult for you to answer in Korean?

한국어 잘 듣지만 말은 잘 못해요

(han-guk-eo jal deut-ji-man, mal-eun jal mo-tae-yo)

I can listen to Korean well, but I have trouble speaking.

Let's break it down:

한국어 - Korean
잘 듣지만 - Listen/hear well BUT
말은 - Speaking/words
잘 못해요 - Not very well/can't do very well

Are you better at certain parts of Korean and not others?

For me, speaking is the worst >.<

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Honestly I both understand and speak easily, the problem is my knowledge which is still at a low level!
a year ago·Reply
I can read and listen to Korean well but speaking makes me so uncomfortable.
a year ago·Reply
I'm good at reading, but speaking and well, mostly grammer is my huge weakness!!!😢
a year ago·Reply
OK looking at and listening to someone speak Korean on TV and music show make you think that you are a pro but having a conversation without some help well I'm screwed. OK lol
a year ago·Reply
I can write it, and read it a bit. I can speak some basics, but listening is extremely hard although I do catch words/phrases here and there. The vocab and grammer are very hard for. Even more so since I no longer have access to shows, and no one to help me at all. My pronounciation can be hit or miss.
a year ago·Reply