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hey Everyone, It's Zi-Mon!

we have some Special Announcements today.

First of All, We are Official! YAY!!!

With the help of My Wonderful Team, We're Going to Make this Community an Awesome Place!

I do have to Set some rules Though.

Let's Please Keep all Smut out of the Block-B Community. I'm Sorry to those who enjoy it, But I don't Want Younger fans to be able to see it, and as Moderator, I feel like it's my job to Take care of Everyone, including the Little BBCs, so if You see anything with Smut, Please send me a link so that I can Remove it from the Community. This is Nothing against the Writters, I Just want to keep this Community Clean. if You do write any, You can Post them in the Fan Fiction Community.

Please Look forward to all that we have in store for you! We Have some Awesome Games and Challenges planned We're Going to Have a Lot of Fun, Guys! We're all Going to Party like Idiots!!!

Honey B Mod Squad:

Honey B Tag List:

let us know in the comments if you want to be added to the Honey B Taglist.

Tag me, please! 🙌
I wanna be tagged 😁😁
Tag me please
Tag me please